Future Plans

Future Plans

1.Expansion of arable land

  • Expand acreage in existing schemes
  • Open up new schemes by reclaiming degraded land i.e. land invested by invasive species (juliflora) and eroded fields.

2. Reduce post-harvest loses

  • Construction of storage facilities
  • Construction of drying yards
  • Procurement of pre-cleaner

3. Farmers capacity building on;

  • Modern farming techniques
  • Diversification of enterprises
  • Financial management

4. Acquisition of farming machinery and implements.

  • Tractors
  • Diversification of enterprises
  • Trailers
  • Ridging plough
  • Plough disc

5.Farmers loaning services

  • Farm inputs
  • Loans

6. Environmental conservation to increase water flow and soil conservation

  • Planting of trees
  • Afruitation
  • Adopting proper agronomic practicals
  • Control soil erosion

7. Improving local livestock breeds to increase livestock productivity by purchasing;

  • Sahiwal cows
  • Dairy goats
  • Doper sheep
  • Galla goats

8. Diversification of farming enterprises

  • Bee keeping
  • Fish rearing
  • Poultry

9. Value addition

  • Making livestock feeds from maize straw/cobs and other crop remains
  • Honey processing and packaging.

10.Infrastructure development

  • Construction of office block
  • Construction of farmers training halls.

11. Introduction of agro-pastoralism

  • Introduction of contracted seed maize production and other crops in mukutani ward which is mostly affected by cattle rustling by reducing dependency on livestock rearing.
  • Livestock improvement by introducing improved breeds.
  • Introducing farming as lifestyle for the communities in Mukutani ward to reduce the existing fights over pasture.
  • Intercommunity cultural competitions to encourage peaceful community coexistence