Common Activities

This diagram outlines the core activities of the organization, which encompass a range of vital functions.

These include:
  1. Land Reclamation and consultancy,
  2. Marketing strategies,
  3. Social corporate initiatives,
  4. Capacity building efforts,
  5. Value addition endeavors,
  6. Crop production, and
  7. Livestock improvement.

Production Capacity Table

This table presents the production capacity of various crops over the years, highlighting acreage, tonnage, and monetary value. The data underscores the growth in seed maize and okra production, showcasing increased yields and economic impact from 2019 to 2022.

S/N CROP/YR 2019 2020 2021 2022
Acres Tons Ksh Acres Tons Ksh Acres Tons Ksh Acres Tons Ksh
1 Seed Maize 150 122 7M 200 126 8M 330 380 26M 350 251 15M
2 OKRA 50 10 1.5M 50 26 4M 50 11 2.2M - - -
Social Corporate Responsibilities

Social Corporate Responsibilities

Community welfare contribution Community trainings
Field days Community out reaches
Offering Employment to community members
Collection of farmers produce

The organization fulfills its social corporate responsibilities through various impactful measures.

It contributes to community welfare by providing assistance and support, conducts training sessions to enhance community skills, organizes field days to promote agricultural awareness, engages in community outreach initiatives, offers employment opportunities to local residents, and facilitates the collection of farmers' produce, fostering mutual growth and sustainability.